So, you’re reading this. Which means you’re thinking about coming to with us. First of all, welcome! 260 Queen Street isn’t just a dance studio, it’s a community, filled with friendliness, dedication, and oodles of positive energy. Our studios are for anyone who wants to learn, enjoy and practice dance, regardless of ability, age and anything else you can think of. There are 3 dance schools that operate out of the studios so 3 different people you may talk to depending on how we can help you. Located above are 3 tabs with each of the different studio names. Please click on each to find out more information about each business.

swing360 studio is the pole dancing studio located on level 1. You can link to their website via the tab above.

Central Studios is mainly about studio hires for the smaller studios located on level 1. – Studio 3 and 4. We also provide a few specialised classes – please click on the tab above to find out more information.

Central Dance Studios operates the majority of classes that take place at our studios as well as providing studio hires for the larger studios located on level 2 – Studio 1 and 2. You can link to their website via the tab above.

Thank you again for choosing to become a part of our dance whanau.

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